Up Your Game With Supply Chain Tips From JDA

Although supply chains of the 21st century are more dynamic than ever before, meeting the growing expectations of the omni-channel consumer remains a challenge. This consumer continues to cause disruption up and down the chain, impacting everyone from suppliers and manufacturers to distributors and retailers. How efficiently and profitably a company can plan, source, make and deliver products to its customers in this environment is what separates industry leaders from laggards.

For companies to drive real business value and results in today’s competitive global economy, they need to better manage multiple facets of their business such as inventory, costs and assets. And to do this in a profitable and efficient manner, they need a best-in-class supply chain.


To help companies in their quest for supply chain excellence, JDA has written a Supply Chain For Dummies® e-book that features a lot of valuable insights about today’s most urgent supply chain challenges and most promising opportunities. Authored by Razat Gaurav, Prashant Bhatia and Madhav Durbha, the e-book highlights best practices for supply chain planning and execution that can help take your business operations to the next level:

  • Supply chain 101 — review the basics and examine the supply chain challenges affecting your company
  • Meeting consumers’ needs — see how segmentation and collaboration can help you better deliver on the expectations of today’s empowered consumer
  • Managing the supply chain effectively — learn how a best-in-class supply chain helps your company better manage inventory, costs and assets
  • Supply chain technology — find out about the advanced capabilities needed to optimize your supply chain planning and execution processes
  • Intelligent distribution — learn how to fulfill your customer orders accurately, efficiently and profitably

Whether you are new to the supply chain function, or just want to make sure your team is up to speed on the latest tools and techniques for supply chain optimization, this e-book is for you. It will only be available for a short time, so register at jda.com/dummies to view your free copy today.

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