The Olympics, Holiday Shopping, and a Little Pokémon Thrown in for Good Measure

A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I took our daughter to the farmer’s market at our town square. The square is a great place for a family outing, and on this particular Saturday, there were a number of families playing Pokémon Go. I even saw one kid playing while wearing a Team USA t-shirt. How on trend was this guy?

It got me thinking about Olympic gear – both official and unofficial. I was thinking that perhaps I wouldn’t mind a little swag myself. I mean, everyone likes the Olympics, right? I admit I do like the Winter Games better than the Summer Games. Strange, I know, since to this southern gal skiing means being pulled behind a boat on a murky-green lake.

Oh, and speaking of the Olympics, I had the opportunity to meet Michael Phelps shortly after the Beijing Games. I was working for the Boys & Girls Clubs of America at the time and he stopped by the national headquarters here in Atlanta. I’ve heard a lot about his ego and temperament, but I can tell you that what he does on behalf of youth – especially underserved youth – is nothing short of remarkable.

So getting back to Olympic swag. I’ve noticed that it’s pretty popular leading up to the Games, and remains popular during and shortly after, but what about when time passes, as in right about now? The Rio Games just recently wrapped up, just prior to the Labor Day holiday in the US. I’ve often joked that this particular weekend is the official kick-off to the holiday shopping season. And for good reason. My local big box store already has Halloween lawn decorations on the store floor. I would bet money that Christmas stuff will be out before September is over. So what happens when the product lifecycle for apparel and trinkets is so short, like for this year’s Summer Olympic items? Typically, you would see special pricing and promotions from the retailer as a way to move the product more quickly. A brief check of the official Olympics shopping website shows that nothing has been discounted as of yet. And I haven’t seen anything show up in the Ralph Lauren outlet either. So it looks as though retailers believe that demand for this apparel will continue for a while.

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