The Art of Business Influence: A Conversation with Renowned Communicator Mark Jeffries, Part II

Mark Jeffries has taught millions of people the art of communication through his books, many keynote presentations, and his appearances on network TV. He will deliver a keynote address and serve as master of ceremony for FOCUS 2014. Supply Chain Nation asked Jeffries for a preview of his remarks based on his books and his new e-learning course, The Art of Business Influence.

SCN: One of the key tools in the communications toolbox your course discusses is L-WAR. Can you please explain what that is and how it applies to getting internal projects approved?

Click here to listen to his response to our second question.

If you missed Jeffries’s response to our first question, click here to listen now.

SCN: A key challenge for many of our customers is selling their projects and technology purchases to upper management. How can your approach to “selling without selling” help them to accomplish this?

Visit Supply Chain Nation tomorrow to hear Jeffries’ response to our third question on his 30-day communications roadmap.

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