Why Workforce Productivity for Third Party Logistics and Wholesale Distribution Can’t Just be an Operational Issue Any Longer – Part 1 of 3

Workforce productivity can’t just be an operational issue any longer. This has been put on the backburner for too long. New practices have been proven by leading distribution and logistics providers that can reduce payroll costs by at least 5 percent, while increasing productivity and improving employee retention (source: JDA Value Engineering). This 3-part blog…

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Inside the Voice of the Store Manager Survey Results: Successful Retailers Find Ways to Fulfill Customer Expectations

It’s no secret that today’s consumer is in the driver’s seat and has high expectations from retailers. The second annual JDA Voice of the Store Manager Survey revealed that instead of shutting doors, successful retailers are evolving the store into a place to solve customer problems, relying on the speed and convenience of in-store fulfillment…

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The Big Miss: The Critical Success Element Most Retailers and Industry Analysts Are Overlooking When Talking about Surviving and Thriving in the Age of Retail Disruption

The term Retail Apocalypse has become so popular that it now has its own Wikipedia page. News websites such as The Atlantic, Retail Dive and Business Insider are sharing statistics and analysis around the demise of brick-and-mortar retail, along with analysis of what the future might hold. Conversely, Lori Mitchell-Keller from SAP and Greg Zakowicz…

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JDA TV – Managing Warehouse Labor Using Warehouse Labor Management and Workforce Management Solutions

Tyler Owen, Solutions Strategy Director for Store Operations at JDA, discusses how distribution centers (DCs) are under pressure to become more like retail stores, in terms of efficiency, due to the fact that they are facing the same challenges. DCs are quickly learning that their traditional labor management tools just don’t fit the bill anymore. In…

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