Retail Pricing: How Leading Retailers Are Leveraging AI to Fight Back

The first blog in this two-part series focused on the primary challenge facing retailers today: mega-retailers have forced prices down, based on their economies of scale and hyper-optimized supply chains. Smaller retailers have responded by creating short-term promotions that draw shoppers into the store, but erode already-thin margins. This strategy is not sustainable over the…

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Retail Pricing: Understanding How Power Shifted to the Consumer

Remember the good old days when retailers controlled pricing? With limited competition, they were able to offer standardized assortments across all their sales outlets, purchased in a manner that delivered the lowest possible unit cost. Pricing was based on a set of established rules, defined with two goals in mind: maximizing the sell-through of products…

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A Long-Term Lack of IT Investment is Coming Back to Haunt Retailers

When it comes to IT investments, what differences separate winning retailers from those who are fighting to stay competitive? A new RSR Research report sponsored by JDA Software reveals an important, if unpleasant, truth: Long-term underinvestment in IT is creating challenges for retailers today, and those challenges are greater for retailers who are already struggling…

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New RSR Report Highlights IT Investment Challenges Retailers Are Facing

Many retailers have underspent on technology in recent years. Weighed down by legacy software and siloed business processes, a lot of retailers have been guilty of making technology investment decisions reactively rather than proactively, even as their customers have embraced internet-connected mobile devices that have fundamentally changed retail. In a new benchmark report sponsored by…

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Time to Dispel Some Common Myths About Disruptive Retailers

We know the rest of the retail industry chases disruptors, but wanted to understand what exactly they are chasing. What makes for a retail disruptor? This week, we’ll focus on what they are not by dispelling the seven myths about retail disruptors. Frankly, we were surprised by what we found. Myth #1: Disruptors Are Very Large…

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How Could Disruptive Retailers Shape the Future? New JDA and RSR Survey Unlocks Key Insights

We all know that retail is evolving. The signs are clear in the news headlines about new technologies, changes in customer sentiment and the struggles once-dominant brands are facing in today’s marketplace. Yet some retailers stand out from the crowd with fresh approaches, winning customer loyalty even as they shake up traditional ways of delivering…

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