Retail Pricing: How Leading Retailers Are Leveraging AI to Fight Back

The first blog in this two-part series focused on the primary challenge facing retailers today: mega-retailers have forced prices down, based on their economies of scale and hyper-optimized supply chains. Smaller retailers have responded by creating short-term promotions that draw shoppers into the store, but erode already-thin margins. This strategy is not sustainable over the…

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Retail Pricing: Understanding How Power Shifted to the Consumer

Remember the good old days when retailers controlled pricing? With limited competition, they were able to offer standardized assortments across all their sales outlets, purchased in a manner that delivered the lowest possible unit cost. Pricing was based on a set of established rules, defined with two goals in mind: maximizing the sell-through of products…

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SaaS and Retail Innovation: A Software Development Perspective on Managing Change

It’s a fact that many retailers have struggled to embrace innovations in technology, especially the move to cloud-based or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions for day-to-day operations. Even so, retailers know that moving to the cloud gives them greater agility and faster speed to market. According to a new survey from JDA and KPMG, over the past five years…

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Does Your Business Have a Retail Pricing Problem?

Today’s blog comes from guest contributor Ryan Kinzy, managing partner of DoubleBlaze Consulting. DoubleBlaze is a JDA partner working with retailers to improve their lifecycle pricing processes and helping them realize increased profits. A longer version of this article originally appeared on the firm’s blog. When we engage with retail prospects for our consulting services, the first thing…

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Centralized Pricing: A Challenge That Awaits Retailers

In our consulting practice, we speak to many different retailers about their pricing needs.  For many years across all industries the trend has been moving towards specialized services, and we seem to have hit that point with pricing in retail. At retailers, we often see three systems working in conjunction to deliver prices to customers:…

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Podcast: The Challenges of Retail Pricing

Pricing would be so much easier if you had a crystal ball or a magic lamp to show you what to do. But here in the real world, technology is making it easier for retailers to get deep customer insights to guide pricing and promotions strategies. I had the opportunity to talk to three retail…

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