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Everything You Need to Know About Blockchain Right Now

In my latest blog, I shared five jaw-dropping stats about counterfeit retail and how these fakers are creating some real trust issues between retailers and their consumers, and, retailers and manufacturers. I also shared some good news, an innovation called blockchain that’s about to start a revolution. This technology will reinforce consumer trust so dramatically…

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Consumer Brand Trust and Counterfeits

5 Surprising Stats on Why Retail Brand Trust is Seriously at Risk

Ready for a shocking stat? Counterfeit consumer goods now total at a global value of $1.77 trillion a year. Understandably, these knock offs are creating some significant trust issues between retailers and their consumers, and, retailers and manufacturers. Ready for some more numbers? This fraud is running rampant in American retail and hurting merchants’ abilities…

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Drug Companies Consider Blockchain for the Supply Chain

Friday in 5 – interesting news from around the supply chain landscape, served up in one spot to keep you up to date. This week: how drug companies are experimenting with Blockchain technology; the evolution of Rent the Runway’s business model; how Amway’s digitalization efforts are resulting in a superior customer experience; a deep dive…

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The Smart Logistics Network of the Future: Blockchain in the Supply Chain

The numbers speak volumes! There is clearly tremendous interest among supply chain practitioners to learn, understand and share thoughts on Blockchain. In one of the best attended break-out sessions of FOCUS 2018, we joined forces with executives from leading companies to exchange thoughts on the impact and value Blockchain may hold for supply chain, as…

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How Blockchain Technology Can Make the Supply Chain More Efficient, Transparent and Secure

Blockchain technology is causing a big disruption for logistics companies and has the potential to make the supply chain more efficient, transparent and secure. But what exactly is blockchain and how will it impact the supply chain? Recently, U.S. blockchain company Skuchain partnered with NTT Data to build a blockchain platform for supply chain and…

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