Waveless Picking: Is Your Supply Chain Able to Compete with Amazon?

Think back five years ago when you shopped online. Back then, when you placed an order online and the estimated delivery date was 10 days later, that was acceptable. Now think about your online shopping and shipping expectations today – a 10-day delivery estimate is unacceptable to most, if not all, consumers. This is mostly…

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5 Disruptions Shaping the Digital Transformation in Distribution and Logistics

Manufacturing and retail transformations, technology disruptions and digitalization of data have redefined the roles of distributors and third party logistics (3PLs). The rate of change is accelerating, driving the transformational initiatives of distributors and 3PLs to stay relevant, create differentiation and execute long-term growth strategy. It’s not just about the change or the expansion of…

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How Companies Can Leverage Big Data and Predictive Analytics to Optimize the Supply Chain

It takes a lot of data to make a good decision. And for decision making within the supply chain, big data can provide insights for companies and enable them to make better decisions. Big data is defined as extremely large datasets, structured and unstructured, that reveal patterns, trends and correlations. It can provide valuable insights…

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JDA TV – Managing Warehouse Labor Using Warehouse Labor Management and Workforce Management Solutions

Tyler Owen, Solutions Strategy Director for Store Operations at JDA, discusses how distribution centers (DCs) are under pressure to become more like retail stores, in terms of efficiency, due to the fact that they are facing the same challenges. DCs are quickly learning that their traditional labor management tools just don’t fit the bill anymore. In…

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Panalpina Raises Its Game With 3D Printing

The official start of the Summer Olympic Games reminds me that competition for these fine athletes is never ending and not just limited to major events. That is, if they hope to medal someday. For example, Roger Bannister is famous for breaking the four-minute mile at the 1954 Olympics in Helsinki, a feat which many…

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Time for 3PL to Get Real – How 3PLs Can Deliver Strategic Value in an Omni-Channel World

The demands of the omni-channel customer are forcing retailers and manufacturers to quickly adapt to becoming more agile and responsive. This challenge presents an opportunity for third-party logistics (3PLs) providers, as they are ideally positioned to help retailers and manufacturers transform their supply chain operations. However, as the demise of City Link in the UK…

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