Supply Chain Lessons from Camelback Mountain

Adeel Najmi, Chief Science Officer and Senior Fellow at JDA Software, posted a guest blog on the Supply Chain Insights blog. An excerpt from the full blog is shown below.

It was a hot afternoon in Scottsdale on the day after Labor Day with temperatures over 100o F when about a dozen of us assembled for a hike up on Camelback Mountain. The hike was intended to be a networking activity for attendees at this year’s Supply Chain Insights Summit.  We had arrived from near and far – some from as far away as Europe.

Before starting on the hike, our guides gave us three lessons:  First, the journey is itself the goal.  Reaching the summit will be nice but it is not our objective.  Our goal is to enjoy the experience, to return safely and on time so we don’t miss out on the rest of the conference.   Second, you need to go at a pace that is comfortable for you.  We have three guides so the group can split up and adjust as needed.  Third, you must keep rejuvenating.  It is scorching hot out there.  You will lose water and salt.  You should rest and drink water regularly.  As soon as possible, you should also drink some fluids high in electrolytes to recoup the lost salt. As we started walking towards the trail-head, I couldn’t help but think about how much the same lessons applied to supply chain journeys as well….read on here for the lessons learned during our hike up Camelback Mountain, and then tell us, if you agree.  What lessons have you learned?  Please do share.

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