Supply Chain Innovation: What Does it Mean? Why Should I Care?

What does it mean to be innovative?

The term “innovation” involves the use of a new method or technology, which results in more productive and efficient processes. When it comes to the supply chain, “innovation” means improvements in the way that products and services, information and relationships flow within the network.  Innovation when executed properly is what distinguishes a leader from a follower.

This focus on processes is crucial in today’s omni-channel, consumer-connected world, as supply chain professionals are consistently at risk of crumbling under the pressure of hype words. Our ability to think holistically and strategically about new tools and new ways of doing things is necessary to overcome the challenges of increased complexity in supply chain operations.

Why does innovation matter?

Reverse engineering a product or offering new services are two tried-and-true ways of delivering innovation. But this kind of innovation is fleeting because it is relatively easy for someone else to come in and introduce the “next big thing.” To gain true competitive advantage, supply chain professionals must take into consideration the fundamental changes that are taking place in our industry and work towards differentiating processes as well. Then work to integrate people, processes and technology in a synchronous manner.

I’m ready to start. What do I do?

On Tuesday, Nov. 13, 2012, JDA customers, executives, product experts and specialty partners will gather for the JDA Innovation Forum in Chicago, IL. The event will be a full day of innovative sessions, designed to inspire fresh ideas about the realities and opportunities in the new age of consumerism and the impact to your supply chain.

Register here to join us! This is a great chance to network with like-minded supply chain professionals, get an exclusive look at the latest from JDA, and learn about key areas that are driving innovation in supply chain:

  • Consumer-Connected Supply Chain.
  • Consumer-Driven Transportation Network.
  • The Rise of the Cloud.
  • New Age Category Management.

Be sure to follow @JDASoftware and tune into the #JDAInnovationDay hashtag on Twitter for conversations around this event!

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