Special Interest Groups: So Where’s the Value?

 As Benjamin Franklin once said, “Time is money.” This sentiment rings especially true in today’s hectic world where everyone is challenged to spend wisely, increase value, and improve service.

As the president of the JDA Users Group, I’d like to talk a bit about the value gained by participating in a JDA Special Interest Group (SIG). To begin, I’d like to turn another famous quote, from Shakespeare this time, into my own, “To network or not to network, that is the question.” I thought this was appropriate as I truly believe one of the greatest benefits of SIGs is the opportunity to network. You can never have enough mentors to help you on your professional journey, and SIGs are the ideal venue for connecting with others who have experienced many of the same challenges you have, or will have.

You Have to Give to Get

Active participation is the key to success with the SIG.  Through the years, I have actively participated and I’ve encountered dozens of professionals who have been generous with their time and counsel.  This type of ‘getting involved’ mentality is what drives results and direction for all members. When I need a boost or am looking for new ways to gain even greater value from my JDA solutions, I’ve been able to connect with other users and get just what I need to move my project – and sometimes my career – in the right direction.

The Details, Just the Details

SIGs are organized by JDA’s solution sets. And, each SIG is led by a JDA customer chairperson, elected by the SIG membership, along with a JDA SIG Manager.  Each SIG has regular conference calls and annual meetings at FOCUS and FOCUS Connect, JDA’s yearly North American and EMEA user conferences.

SIGs provide a forum for product users to share information and ideas on product direction and enhancements with JDA.  However, it’s more than just a forum for product information – it’s also an opportunity to network with other users and share information on business processes, change management, and anything related to your business.

SIG membership offers you the opportunity to:

  • Network and build relationships with other SIG members
  • Gain roadmap visibility
  • Recommend enhancements that benefit members and other users
  • Influence the priority of product enhancements

SIG communities on the JDA Customer Support site enable members to communicate with each other allowing you to:

  • Learn about upcoming SIG meeting dates and times
  • Review recent SIG meeting presentations and notes
  • Post and respond to questions to/from other SIG members
  • Post links to articles or videos that may be of interest to your fellow community members

To join a SIG:

  • Register on the JDA Customer Support site at support.jda.com
  • Under “Community”, click “Join a Group”
  • Under “Groups I can Join”, select a SIG and click “Join” to become a member – the status will change to “Pending”

Registrations are typically approved within 72 hours.  If you haven’t received a confirmation within 72 hours, please e-mail SIGRegistration@jda.com.

That’s it!  Just a few short clicks and you will be part of a very beneficial and supportive community. As a fellow SIG member, I look forward to networking with you in the future.

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  1. I have found significant value in being part of and participating regularly in SIG meetings. Nice article George.

  2. Thanks to all our SIG groups for their input. We really appreciate your input to make the JDA solutions even better.

  3. Salil Sanghvi

    This article gives a perfect summary of why a SIG group is important and the value is brings both to the JDA and the customers.

  4. A great article George, being a member of 2 SIG groups and chairperson of one, I have been able to participate in collaboration with other companies to directly influence product development to the mutual benefit of those using the solution.


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