Real Results Magazine: Must-Have Tips to Boost Your Supply Chain

What’s on your summer reading list? If you’re like me, you’re reading a couple of good books, have several more on your “got to get to” list and a magazine or two with the corners folded down for when you have a little airplane time or for a quick read over lunch. Here’s hoping your list isn’t too long, as I’d like to recommend that you add the latest issue of JDA’s award-winning Real Results magazine.

Published bi-annually, Real Results magazine is a compilation of customer success stories, influencer points of view, and perspectives from JDA thought leaders on some of today’s most compelling business challenges. In each issue we aim to cover a cross-section of topics that span regions, industry verticals and business functions with a goal of introducing strategies and best practices that resonate with a broad cross-section of supply chain practitioners.

A survey of readers following our last issue indicated that articles focused on customer case studies and business strategies were of greatest interest. As such, the latest issue offers stories on a cross section of international companies who are impacting real change in their companies through the use of supply chain solutions. They include:

  • Global electronics manufacturer TE Connectivity, which uses an 18-month rolling forecast to drive sales and operations planning, gaining a granular view of demand and improving inventory turns, customer service, agility and forecast accuracy.
  • LG Electronics, which improved truck-loading efficiency rations using efficient load configurations, increased consolidation ratios and significantly increased service levels and customer satisfaction in its logistics and transportation management operations.
  • Leather footwear manufacturer Grupo Flexi, which reduced supply chain planning and re-planning time, improved customer service levels, increased inventory turns and sales growth.

Also featured are multinational cheese manufacturer Bel Group, Chinese luxury footwear and handbag designer/distributor Longhao, European vehicle manufacturer Renault as well as the eight 2012 JDA Real Results Award winners.

The award-winning magazine offers strategies and perspectives on current business trends through multiple articles by JDA thought leaders. For instance, Scott Welty outlines key principles for meeting the needs of omni-channel customers in “Optimizing the Customer Experience.” Danny Halim discusses how manufacturers can use new approaches in category management to win at the cash register in his article titled “The New Age of Category Management.” Global manufacturers will be interested in David Johnston’s piece, “The Shift to Reshoring,” which discusses the current trend in near-shoring and how supply chain segmentation can help balance global production strategies and enhance profitability.

Cloud computing continues to grab headlines, and JDA’s Joe King and Steve Davis discuss how companies can truly realize the full value of their cloud investments in “The Rise of the Cloud.” Knowing that the cost of transporting goods will always be a leading concern for companies worldwide, we offer two perspectives: Fab Brasca’s approach to building a transportation network to serve the omni-channel customer in “The Consumer-Driven Transportation Network,” and Anand Medepalli’s look at pricing and revenue management for air cargo carriers in “Lifting Profits.”

This issue also features perspectives from JDA’s Wayne Usie and Stanford University Research Fellow Kevin O’Marah on the effect of e-commerce on the retail supply chain in “The Changing State of Retail,” as well as interviews with three members of the VICS committee that recently published a guideline on how to create the ultimate retail supply chain in the article “The Ultra-Connected Supply Chain.”

Finally, while you don’t need to be a JDA customer to enjoy any part of the magazine, three pieces may be of particular interest to those who are: “Future Forward,” a recap of JDA FOCUS 2012; “Celebrating Excellence,” a celebration of the 2012 JDA Real Results Award winners; and interviews with five JDA Users Group members in “The Power of Community.”

I once had a customer tell me that our magazine was where he and his co-workers went to learn about supply chain – high praise indeed! So no matter if you are looking to learn something new, or validate what you’re already doing, I ask that you consider reading – and sharing – Real Results magazine. Once you do, we’d love your feedback. Let us know what you think, contact me directly to suggest future stories, or start a conversation by sharing your commentary below.

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