Q&A with Kevin Iaquinto: JDA Software’s New Chief Marketing Officer

Kevin Iaquinto is a very busy marketing executive these days. Recently appointed executive vice president and chief marketing officer for JDA Software on February 1, Iaquinto is responsible for leading and developing the company’s brand awareness and identity, lead generation programs, product/solutions marketing, marketing communications, public and analyst relations, partner marketing, business development, sales enablement, social media and global events marketing.

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In spite of Kevin’s busy schedule, he was kind enough to sit down with Supply Chain Nation to answer a few questions on his new role and the unique opportunity to reinvigorate the JDA brand to deliver new levels of brand awareness and customer loyalty.

SCN: Given that you are the company’s first global CMO, how will you be evolving the organization to make it more global?

Iaquinto: We’ll become more global by creating one marketing team that integrates each of the regional marketing teams under one leader and focuses on launching marketing campaigns that can be leveraged by our teams around the world. In addition, we’ll be increasing the number of country-level websites so our prospects and customers can get easier local access to our solution information.

SCN: What goals do you hope to achieve in your new position?

Iaquinto: My main goal is to help our sales team create more pipeline for our solutions and deliver more value to our customers as a result. I also think there is a great opportunity to re-introduce the JDA brand to the market and be seen as a clear leader in all of our markets.

SCN: How will you do that?

Iaquinto: By developing a world-class marketing team and creating out-of-the-box marketing campaigns and ideas that get attention.

SCN: As a marketer, what intrigues you about the enterprise technology space today?

Iaquinto: It is changing fast. Cloud is becoming an increasingly fundamental part of the way enterprise software providers must deliver their solutions and that is helping our ability to sell faster and solve customer problems more quickly.

SCN: How will your content and messaging strategy improve your customers’ lives?

Iaquinto: Those customers that are using the totality of JDA’s software suite are fully realizing their potential to streamline their operations and increase profit. By making our customers more aware of everything JDA can help them do, that will ultimately lead to their own success in turn. We just need to build more awareness of how they can tap into this reservoir of value.

SCN: How do you make sure the company is staying innovative?

Iaquinto: By constantly asking “what’s next?” and pushing the envelope on everything we do from a marketing standpoint. There are also a host of new, innovative technologies that marketer’s are using today to make them more efficient and effective, and we will be investing in those solutions to keep us ahead of the competition.

SCN: How important is social media to JDA’s marketing mix and where do you think you can get the highest return on your social media efforts?

Iaquinto: Social is becoming a critical part of the marketing mix. As a means to attract awareness, it is a cost-efficient way to go about brand-building. And we need to help turn our customers into social advocates on our behalf so that they are doing some of our marketing work for us.

SCN: What is the key to raising JDA’s brand recognition globally?

Iaquinto: The key is to create a compelling vision for the company and stick with it.  We need to achieve sales overnight, and brand over time. Branding takes time and we need to have the patience to see our efforts through. We also need to make sure that the entire company, not just marketing, is behind our brand vision and message.

SCN: What was the biggest learning or insight you took away from your Deltek experience that you believe you can apply at JDA?

Iaquinto: At Deltek, we did many things that parallel what is happening at JDA. For example, we launched Cloud solutions there that were enormously successful and we need to do the same at JDA. In addition, we also raised the brand profile and became much more aggressive about the way we went to market. We had also acquired a number of new capabilities and needed to do a better job of building awareness for these, inside and outside our customer base, which we were successful in doing.

SCN: What kinds of needs are you hearing from business software buyers now that you weren’t hearing 3-5 years ago? How can JDA help?

Iaquinto: Cloud has been disruptive here, many more firms are looking to lower their risk and TCO by moving apps to the cloud and that has been a key difference today to what we saw even 3 years ago.

SCN: What’s one thing about the value of JDA that you believe more people would benefit from knowing about?

Iaquinto: That it’s got the most comprehensive set of solutions in our market. The totality of our suite is really what gives us, and our customers, unique value.

SCN: What’s one thing about yourself that most people don’t know?

Iaquinto: If they don’t already know it, I would likely prefer to keep it that way!

SCN: ZZ Top rocked Deltek’s user conference last year. Should we expect an uptick in beards and guitars at JDA FOCUS in 2014?

Iaquinto: Not sure we’ll see an uptick in beards, but safe to say we are looking to provide an uptick in the overall energy and excitement generated at FOCUS. We are going to look to delight our customers in everything we do, and FOCUS will be a key part of that strategy!

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