Meet Pepper, the Robot Who Could Change the Face of Retail

Pepper, the humanoid robot from SoftBank Robotics, is designed to be engaging and endearing. His ability to learn from human interactions, and his lifelike gestures and emotional interactions, make him a natural for the retail environment.

JDA Labs partnered with SoftBank Robotics to show how Pepper can help retailers provide excellent customer service, matching his friendly personality with all the knowledge he needs to help customers find the perfect pair of shoes:



“There’s the upfront interaction with Pepper that’s really intriguing – how he’s able to synthesize dynamic information around inventory,” said Suresh Acharya, head of JDA Labs. “But to me, the most promising avenue is how a robot can engage with shoppers.”

After all, Pepper can capture details about a customer’s visit to a retail store that a human associate might never remember, such as the time of day or specific product inquiries – and recall them perfectly on the customer’s return visit.

One day, Suresh said, robots like Pepper will process information on customer habits to help anticipate what that shopper is trying to find. “That is the power of this kind of AI, the ability to process data in ways we never could before,” Suresh said.

Read more about JDA Labs and Pepper on our blog.

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