Retail trends for 2019

Welcome to 2019: 5 Retail Trends You Need to Know Now

It’s a new year and retail is moving faster—finally we’re seeing retailers looking in the right direction—up. A unified commerce environment, an on-demand marketplace, social media, growing competition and new technologies mean an evolution in the way we shop. Everything is changing – from pricing and planning the just right product assortments to forecasting demand…

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Digital In-Store Experience Making Retailers More Competitive

The new in-store experience has arrived, and yes, it’s digital.

Retail is never going to be the same. Evolving consumer expectations, a fast-moving marketplace and new technologies are bringing a new in-store customer experience. Ready for a look at the future? It’s completely unrecognizable and undeniably digital. Even while more shopping centers are closing, signs of the future physical store experience are quickly coming into…

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The Key to Successfully Syncing Retail Price Planning and Execution

We know that keeping up with customer needs and delivering on shoppers’ expectations are among the biggest concerns retailers have today. And as companies come under pressure not only from changing shopper demographics and the impacts of technology, the holy grail for retailers today is using technology to better understand customers and give them shoppers…

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New RSR Report Highlights IT Investment Challenges Retailers Are Facing

Many retailers have underspent on technology in recent years. Weighed down by legacy software and siloed business processes, a lot of retailers have been guilty of making technology investment decisions reactively rather than proactively, even as their customers have embraced internet-connected mobile devices that have fundamentally changed retail. In a new benchmark report sponsored by…

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