Profitability at the Point-of-Customer: Why In-Store Matters

Everyone knows you have to crawl before you walk. What some may not realize is that knowing how to walk does not mean you can run a 26-mile marathon without first having gone through the training and preparation that a feat like that requires.

Successful retailers around the world are defining new customer experiences to attract, win and keep highly-prized, multi-channel customers. Still, major obstacles exist with retailers’ abilities to successfully execute sophisticated customer acquisition and retention strategies and to do so profitably. As tempting as it is to jump into the world of retail mobile apps or hologram in-store displays, it is important to remember that point-of-customer experiences are as important as they ever were.

In fact, in a world where connected consumers sometimes find themselves overwhelmed by the amount of real-time information, shiny tech gadgets, and retailers vying to get their attention; memorable customer experiences are a key competitive advantage and differentiator. What’s more, those memorable experiences then spread via word-of-mouth, tweets, and posts on Facebook.

On Nov. 15 at 11 a.m. EDT, we will lead a webinar on achieving Profitability at the Point-of-Customer,” where we will share customer strategies that retailers align with people, processes and technology in order to accelerate their own ability to compete, to deliver customer promises and to maximize profitability.

Register now to discover:

  • How customer segmentation and strategies are changing retail and affecting profitability
  • How retailers can align people, processes and technology to execute upon new strategies (customer, inventory, delivery, profit) as channels expand
  • How profitability is weaved into strategies to protect margin and ensure financial goals
  • How to offer, win and deliver the ultimate customer experience while maximizing profitability

When was the last time you walked into a store and the attention at the point-of-customer was so memorable, you knew you would shop there again?

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