Podcast: How to Maximize Your Warehouse Labor Management System

In this Supply Chain Nation podcast episode, JDA’s Steve Simmerman talks with DSC Logistics’ Jim Chamberlain and Open Sky Group’s Jeremy Hudson about getting more out of your JDA Warehouse Labor Management (WLM) system.

In the podcast, Jim takes you through DSC Logistics’ 13-year journey of using JDA’s WLM. He provides insight on how the company got started and how they’ve matured in their use of WLM to get more out of JDA’s WLM. He goes beyond performance and process improvements, to even greater collaboration with their customers. Jeremy offers insight into the newest versions of JDA’s WLM and takes a deeper dive into the ways he’s experienced customers getting more out of the solution.


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  1. Another key to efficient warehouse management is the use of right technology like a warehouse management system for the new age warehouses. These solutions should be capable of factoring ground realities of modern warehouse, complexities of the process and skill sets of those handling the cargo. A system which provides real-time visibility, is easy to interface with third party applications and has been developed based on industry benchmarked processes is imperative for keeping pace growing business needs.

  2. Warehouse labor management system is right solutions for warehouse managers to handle labor in their organizations. Latest technology and IT solutions creates positive impact in an organization. By the way it is nice podcast you have shared here. Keep it up.

  3. To maximize the warehouse labour management there as to be a balance in the management and investment in automation to meet your business objectives. With the upcoming digital technology, i.e warehouse automation, robotics and the Internet of Things (IoT) still the main problem still lies in managing the an power.

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