Is it time to integrate your supply chain design with execution?

It wasn’t that long ago that integrating all the strategic, operational and tactical aspects of your end-to-end supply chain was considered a pipe dream. Times sure have changed! Customer expectations for product availability and seemingly endless purchasing channels are driving many companies to move product faster and smarter than ever before. Today, a company’s success…

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Living A Simple but Meaningful Life

Oana Lipovei is a senior software engineer and comes to JDA from Blue Yonder. She shares how her upbringing in communist-era Romania has led her to focus on a simple, ‘tech-free’ life – outside of her day job, of course! – and her views on never regretting the decisions you make, and the importance of…

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Diversity JDA

Diversity Matters

Recently, I experienced a case where I became very aware of diversity and the importance of it, while helping my daughters research and apply to colleges. Sometimes, diversity ‘sneaks up’ on you and you don’t realize how important it is until you look back on your experiences and become more aware of it. This is…

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Does Your Personal Brand Reflect the Real You?

This Wednesdays for Women is another article in the “Lessons from Leaders” series featuring ideas from JDA leaders on topics of interest to anyone seeking insights and experiences that can help them grow their own leadership skills. In today’s blog, Dianne Bender, Project Manager on JDA’s Documentation team and member of the JDA Winning Leadership…

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JoAnn Martin talks about industry changes in Retail and Store Operations

Watch this Video on What’s Really Disrupting Retail

What’s putting Retail’s move to emerging technologies in motion and shaking up store operations? In this video blog, JoAnn Martin, JDA’s senior strategy leader for Retail breaks it all down for us. She shares the three main forces that are driving the industry forward faster than ever and what changing customer behaviors mean for retailers,…

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Breaking Down Perception Barriers to Women in Leadership

This blog features insights from Regenia Sanders, EY Advisory Principal for the Supply Chain and Operations practice.  Regenia leads the Americas Supply Chain practice for the industrial products sector.  In their strategic alliance, EY and JDA are helping clients transform their supply chains for the digital future. Reginia discusses her unconventional path toward a 20+…

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Navigating Difficult Conversations

Today Wednesdays for Women is another in our occasional series titled “Lessons from Leaders” featuring learnings from JDA leaders on topics of interest to anyone seeking insights and experiences that can help them grow their own leadership skills.  In today’s blog, Claudia Kraft, senior consulting operations director and member of the JDA Winning Leadership program,…

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Retail trends for 2019

Welcome to 2019: 5 Retail Trends You Need to Know Now

It’s a new year and retail is moving faster—finally we’re seeing retailers looking in the right direction—up. A unified commerce environment, an on-demand marketplace, social media, growing competition and new technologies mean an evolution in the way we shop. Everything is changing – from pricing and planning the just right product assortments to forecasting demand…

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Resolutions for 2019: Wednesdays for Women Edition

It’s been a tremendous year for our Wednesdays for Women blog as we have highlighted women around the globe from JDA, our customers, partners and industry influencers, too. Not only did these blogs have a lot of learnings, they offered some pretty spot-on advice (as  highlighted last week). This week as we officially kick off…

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