Spot Tendering: Are You Prepared for Capacity Shortfalls in Your Transportation Operation?

With the recent hurricanes that have hit Florida, Texas and Puerto Rico, we’ve seen another practical example where assumptions on carrier capacity are challenged at inopportune times. Symptoms of those disruptions include carriers, who have traditionally been reliable, more frequently rejecting the loads they’ve been offered. Large corporations are also hedging on securing capacity, creating…

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A Day of EmpowHERing Messages

I recently had the opportunity to attend the Boston Business Women’s Empow(HER) Conference and came away with so many empowering messages that not only resonate in the workplace, but transcend that into home and family life, the notion of, or perhaps ‘fabled’ work/life balance and tangible ways to make a difference in your role, and…

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Rock Solid Support is Key to Success

JDA Senior Product Manager Shwati Mohapatra has been inspired by some strong women in her life and has a husband who has supported her throughout her career journey. That’s made risk-taking and investments in her personal growth easier – and pay dividends. We are delighted to share her career story in this week’s Wednesdays for…

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Give Yourself a High Five: Five Tips for Finding Balance in a Hectic World!

In today’s hyper-connected, increasingly competitive business world, the phrase work-life balance can feel more aspirational than attainable. I think this is especially true for women professionals. In my quest for the perfect yin-yang work-life balance—enjoying family, friends, hobbies and activities, while growing my career, exceeding my professional goals and adding value to my company—I leverage…

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How Companies Can Leverage Big Data and Predictive Analytics to Optimize the Supply Chain

It takes a lot of data to make a good decision. And for decision making within the supply chain, big data can provide insights for companies and enable them to make better decisions. Big data is defined as extremely large datasets, structured and unstructured, that reveal patterns, trends and correlations. It can provide valuable insights…

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