Inside the Voice of the Store Manager Survey Results: Successful Retailers Find Ways to Fulfill Customer Expectations

It’s no secret that today’s consumer is in the driver’s seat and has high expectations from retailers. The second annual JDA Voice of the Store Manager Survey revealed that instead of shutting doors, successful retailers are evolving the store into a place to solve customer problems, relying on the speed and convenience of in-store fulfillment…

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Recognition for an AWESOME Leader

This week, the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) presented Dr. Nancy Nix with its Distinguished Service Award. If you work in supply chain, Nancy is someone worth knowing. She is the Executive Director of AWESOME, which stands for Achieving Women’s Excellence in Supply Chain, Operations Management and Education, an organization focused on advancing…

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InstructAR: Using Augmented Reality (AR) in the Warehouse to Improve Efficiency

While JDA’s Transportation Management Solutions have world-class algorithms that optimize trailer loads, execution of those plans during the physical loading process is often quite challenging. The ability to visualize, and possibly alter, the plan prior to the actual loading greatly increases the ability to execute the plan. In the video below, the JDA Labs team…

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Driving Kenco’s Innovation Initiative

Kristi Montgomery has built an impressive career in supply chain technology over the past 27 years at Kenco Logistics, the largest woman-owned third party logistics company in the United States. Kristi has built her career from the ground up during her time at Kenco, and currently leads the company’s innovation initiative as VP of Innovation…

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JDA Labs Discusses 7 Design Principles for Building SaaS Applications

On Tuesday, September 12, JDA Labs Montreal held their third meetup on “Design Principles as Building Blocks for SaaS.” The audience was introduced to the 7 design principles that are driving the next generation of SaaS applications at JDA. Design principles are crucial when developing SaaS applications, as the experience is designed for a service,…

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Supply Chain Planning Basics: Planning to Execute

In our third blog we considered scheduling in the context of a manufacturing planning process; now, let’s explore how both planning and scheduling enable the execution of a plan, noting their respective roles and analyzing their interdependencies. We plan/schedule to help us execute: to do the right things at the right times in the right ways to efficiently achieve an objective. But in…

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