JDA Labs Holds Meetup on Data Science and Technologies for Innovative Decision Making

JDA Labs recently held a meetup on Optimization Algorithms and Graph Databases: Tools for Better Decision Making. It was an evening based around data science and technologies for innovative decision making. A Mathematical Approach to Optimal Inventory Decisions The first topic presented a mathematical approach to make optimal inventory decisions: Inventory management, a new look…

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The Evolution of the Warehouse: How Innovation is Changing the Supply Chain – Part 1 of 3

Evolving customer behavior is causing many changes in the supply chain industry, and the pace of change is happening so fast that it’s dislocating many established companies and portions of the economy. These changes are impacting workplaces around the world, and distribution centers (DCs) aren’t exempt. Supply chain managers are under pressure to focus on…

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Know How to Say No

JDA Talent Development Director Laura Browne has built a successful career in corporate training and talent development, delivering programs and coaching professionals in the technology, transportation, manufacturing and non-profit sectors. She understands the value of saying “yes” as a way of advancing your career, but also appreciates that sometimes “no” is the better answer. In…

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Manufacturing Has a New Look – Focused on the Consumer!

For manufacturers, the age of “we’ll build it, and customers will just have to buy what we make” is long over. The consumer is driving the supply chain, both in retail and manufacturing, and it’s not always about leading the pack to be successful. Many retailers are changing their supply chain processes to reflect the consumer-centric evolution…

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