Optimizing Store Fulfillment

Are you a less than enthusiastic shopper that just really wants great customer service? Well, you’re not alone.  In fact, I recently guest authored a post for the IBM Commerce Blog that touches on how store labor and omni-channel play into the customer experience.

Here’s a quick preview:

I am a reluctant shopper. I don’t enjoy hours in the store. I don’t like browsing. That said, I love service: I crave an excellent customer experience. There are stores forever etched in my memory for offering helpful experiences, mostly higher-end stores where I am greeted with genuine interest. Quite frankly, these experiences make shopping tolerable. So how disappointed am I most of the time when I enter stores where staff are not visible, where long lines await me to pick-up items I have ordered online? “My goodness,” I think, “I’ve done most of the work for you, can’t you make pick-up fast and friendly?”

To read the blog in it’s entirety, please visit the IBM Commerce Blog and learn more about how IBM Order Management and JDA Workforce Management are working together.

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