Online Shopping Gains Ground This Holiday Season

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With Black Friday and Cyber Monday behind us, we’ve officially entered retail’s busiest time of the year. Here’s a quick roundup of some industry news to help you navigate this holiday shopping season.  

Online shopping continues to grow

The Wall Street Journal reports that online shopping is emerging as a clear winner of the holiday spending season kick-off, with much of the online traffic being driven by mobile phones. Read Suzanne Kapner’s article, Online Shopping Adds Muscle to Holiday Sales, for a deep dive into this year’s holiday spending trends compared to last year.

New technology for finding the perfect gift

CNBC reports on a new retail technology that aims to take the risk out of gift giving. In her article, Retail technology promises to get her the perfect gift every time, Krystina Gustafson looks into how electronic gift technology can lead to fewer returns and more incremental revenue for retailers.

The troublesome task of managing returns

Promises of free shipping and free returns entice online shoppers, but as The Atlantic reports, neither of these services is really free. In her article, ‘Free’ Returns Aren’t Free, Borree Lam explores how companies are tackling the costly business of managing returns.

The quest to increase consumer engagement  

The Wall Street Journal reports on Nike Inc.’s latest effort to sell more products directly to consumers. Sara Germano’s article, With $720 Self-Tying Sneaker, Nike Loosens Ties to Retailers, delves into the company’s recent technology investments designed to increase engagement with its consumers.

Shorter holiday training for warehouse employees

Touch screens and robots are being used to prepare new Inc. hires for warehouse jobs, reports The Wall Street Journal. In How Amazon Gets Its Holiday Hires Up to Speed in Two Days, Laura Stevens takes a look at Amazon’s warehouse operations and how technology is playing a role in accelerating the retailer’s warehouse training efforts.

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