Omni-Channel for Fitness Nuts and Dummies at NRF

Talking about omni-channel to retailers is like preaching to the choir. But how much do you really know about the intricacies of omni-channel operations? And how prepared is your organization to offer the seamless shopping experiences today’s consumers are demanding? JDA Software will help you find answers to those questions at NRF Retail’s BIG Show in New York City on January 17-20, 2016. Here is a preview of some of the fun and useful activities you’ll find at our booth (#2817).

Profitable Omni-Channel for Dummies

Retailers have been bombarded with messaging about the new consumer and how she wants what she wants when and where she wants it. That’s omni-channel, and retailers know they must give the customer what she wants if they are to stay in business. But how should you revamp store operations to accommodate processes such as buy online / pickup in-store (BOPIS)? How must you restructure supply chain operations to handle omni-channel fulfillment? And how does omni-channel merchandising impact retail planning. Most importantly, how can you offer the seamless omni-channel shopping experiences consumers demand—profitably?

To help retailers grapple with these important issues, JDA retail experts collaborated to write a book on how to create profitable omni-channel operations. It covers topics such as the Intelligent Store, intelligent Fulfillment, Intelligent Planning, and profitability. The Profitable Omni-Channel for Dummies book will be given to visitors to JDA’s booth during NRF. Not able to make it to NRF? Send an email to to request a PDF copy, which will be sent after the show.

Omni-Channel Fitness Assessment

Perhaps you feel you are already knowledgeable enough about omni-channel that you don’t need to read our Dummies book. But how ready is your company to provide the seamless omni-channel shopping experiences consumers now demand, and how do your efforts stack up against your retail peers? For that matter, how fit are you physically to withstand the stress and strain brought on by the omni-channel transformation?

At JDA’s booth you’ll be able to assess both your physical fitness and your company’s omni-channel readiness. JDA teamed up with retail thought leaders, analysts and partners to create an omni-channel fitness assessment that will rate your company’s progress up the omni-channel maturity curve and allow you to evaluate your company’s relative position versus all others taking the assessment at NRF. You can take the assessment survey in a few minutes at a kiosk in JDA’s booth. It will be well worth your time.

Are you the world’s next ironman champion? A couch potato? Somewhere in between? JDA is teaming up with health & wellness professionals at our booth to give visitors a quick health assessment, along with helpful advice on how you can deal with stress and improve your physical fitness.

To take a step further in that regard, literally, JDA has partnered with global charity Samaritan’s Feet to provide 30,000 pairs of shoes to needy children around the world. Millions of children in poor countries, and even in poor areas within our own country, contract diseases through cuts and abrasions on their feet caused by walking without shoes. Samaritan’s Feet has a mission to change that and improve the lives of children by washing their feet and giving them a new pair of shoes to wear. At our booth learn how you can help by joining our 10 million steps challenge. Learn more about this partnership.

Fun at LAVO

All work and no play makes for dull NRF attendees. Don’t be dull—join JDA for a fun-filled night at LAVO New York, an exciting Italian restaurant and nightclub, where you can party with a few hundred of your peers. Great food, a few beverages and casual conversations with other retailers will take the stress off of the BIG Show’s exhausting days and help restore your energy for the next day’s challenges. Get more information about the LAVO event.

Hard Core

You’ve read the book, taken the omni-channel assessment, but you’re hard core and want all the answers. No problem! JDA retail experts will be available at our booth to answer your questions and discuss how JDA’s industry-leading retail and supply chain solutions can enable your company to be a retail winner. You could stop by our booth anytime to talk, but of course you’re hard core, so you want dedicated time to get into the details. Great—we are reserving timeslots for one-to-one conversations. Just contact us at and request your dedicated timeslot.

…And More!

Profitable Omni-Channel for Dummies books, fitness assessments, a fun night at Lavo, and one-to-one conversations—there is a lot going on at the JDA booth at NRF Retail’s BIG Show. But that’s not all. To learn about other exciting JDA announcements and activities such a test drive at the show, look for our next blog post or visit We look forward to seeing you there.

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