Mobile: It’s Time to Celebrate and Seize the Opportunities

By Chris Love, Chief Business Development Officer, REPL Group, longstanding JDA Alliance Partner

Just about everyone recognizes that mobility matters like never before. No longer can it be seen as a nice-to-have feature for supply chain and operational applications – it’s become essential.

For enterprise technology systems, a well-made mobile solution assures accessibility, familiarity and widespread adoption. It delivers efficiency, performance and always-on productivity in ways that desktop simply can’t match.

And this isn’t just about the way today’s businesses want to operate. Mobile is also about responding to the way in which today’s workforce wants to work. With mobile devices becoming increasingly important in our lives outside the workplace, it makes absolute sense for mobile solutions to form an integral part of our working routines as well.

REPL Digital is a REPL Group company specializing in the design, build and implementation of mobility solutions for the retail and supply chain sectors. We have a long history of delivering everything from in-store workforce management apps to mobile warehouse and T&A solutions.

As a longstanding JDA partner, we have already been involved in many successful implementations for Tier 1 retailers where a JDA solution and an REPL application have been deployed together.

Now, we are delighted to have our apps certified within the JDA Certified Mobile App Program and be a participating alliance member from the program’s inception.

The JDA Certified Mobile Partner Program allows alliance partners such as REPL to develop and certify mobile applications which enhance the customer user experience as they interact with core JDA omni-channel retail and supply chain solutions.

For REPL, the program ensures that mobile applications we produce s will work seamlessly with JDA solutions, not only extending the return on their investment, but ensuring that these mobile applications meet customers’ specific requirements and can be brought to market quickly.

Through JDA’s audit and certification process, our mobile applications gain full certification for operability, assuring a seamless user experience that will work as well tomorrow as it does today.

Mobile solutions come in many shapes and sizes

When one of the UK’s leading food retailers needed a dedicated user experience including some non-standard functionality like filtering, till allocation and a break report, it was clear a bespoke solution would be required. While happy with the output of the JDA Workforce Management solution, they were looking to achieve higher levels of engagement and usage while colleagues could only access the system via a small number of in-store desktop computers.

JDA Workforce Management, plus a bespoke REPL mobility solution, has given them the solution they need.

Another retailer, a technology specialist, had its user experience requirements driven by the high expectations of the young demographic from which they draw their employees. In this case, they only deliver solutions to their end-user via mobile.

A joint JDA / REPL solution was again the answer. Our understanding of JDA Workforce Management allowed the client to roll out a fully mobile Workforce Management experience in less than a year. Since then they have seen significant customer service and sales benefits.

Personalizing the user experience

Perhaps at first glance it might seem complicated or convoluted to produce bespoke mobile solutions for each and every application. But in many ways, this is precisely the point about mobile.

Mobile is at its best when it is being personal and intimate in ways that the desktop can’t be. Successful mobile talks directly to us, often through our own devices. By doing so it involves and motivates us to everyone’s benefit.

Given this opportunity to personalize the work experience and engage employees in a unique digital environment, it makes perfect sense not to rely on standard interfaces and third-party branding. They simply don’t work as well.

Mobile technologies make it easier and more affordable than ever to create the perfect digital work environment for your business and for your employees. The productivity and performance gains are well documented.

Mobile is an opportunity which every business should celebrate and seize. Join us.

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