JDA Labs is Hosting a Meet-up on Innovation in Human-Machine Interaction

On Tuesday, May 1 at 6pm, JDA Labs is hosting a meet-up with Tech3Lab at the JDA Labs office in Montreal. The topic of the meet-up is, “Innovation in Human-Machine Interaction.”

The Value of Applied Research in Human-System Interaction in B2B Environments

Tech3Lab will take a deeper dive into the value you can get from doing applied research when innovating with human-machine interactions. They’ll also present the experiment they conducted with one of JDA’s products to better understand how an artificial intelligence (AI) recommendation engine should present the information in order to be trusted and understood by users.

The Tech3Lab is an applied laboratory in management science specializing in the analysis of interactions between technological interfaces in organizations and their employees or customers. Their mission is to perform applied research in the field of user experience (UX), conducting scientific advances to create new UX evaluation tools for industry and research and to train future UX research professionals for industry, as well as for scientific research.

Panel: Review of New Human-System Interaction Seen at CHI 2018

Were you unable to attend the CHI conference? Or do you not know what the CHI conference is all about, but are interested in learning more about how technology influences our lives? Then this panel is for you! Speakers from JDA Labs will host a panel of experts in human-machine interaction and will explain their top moments and discoveries from the 2018 CHI conference.

What is CHI?

CHI is the premier conference for human-computer interaction (HCI): the design, building and study of technologies to help people think, create and collaborate. Everything from the mouse to the smartphone and far beyond, has its roots in HCI.

Register for the meet-up here.

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