JDA Labs Hosts Meetup to Boost its Recognition in Montreal’s Ecosystem

On Tuesday, May 23 JDA Labs Montreal held their very first meetup, “See the world through the lens of Mixed Reality.” The goals around the event were to attract new talent, socialize with people in the same domains and indirectly promote JDA Labs to Montreal’s ecosystem.

Attendees were all ears during a brief introduction that focused on the collaborative work between three distinct fields here at the Labs: Data science, technology and UX:

  • The Data science team understands data, discovers patterns and learn from past events
  • The UX design team understands customer pain points, discovers user needs and expectations
  • The technology team understands emerging trends, and finds the right technology to solve the business problems

At the Labs, we accelerate innovation around new technology by leveraging data to drive business value for end users.

After the introduction, Pepper the Robot and the HoloLens stole the show as guests watched the live demos. It was entertaining to see a dialog between a robot and a human. Pepper was very cooperative and engaged in a conversation with one of the hosts, while charming the audience.

After Pepper, the HoloLens demonstration was on augmented reality (AR) as a tool to solve real-life business problems. In this specific case, it was guiding warehouse workers through placement of boxes on a pallet.

The attendees stayed an extra hour after the presentation to participate in discussions with associates from JDA Labs and asked about our next event that’s being held on Tuesday, July 11. The subject of the next meetup is “Robotics and Data Science in retail,” and will showcase Pepper’s potential role in retail with its capacity to capture customer information and preferences. While Pepper is mostly a standalone machine, the JDA Labs team is trying to integrate it with the cloud to fully utilize both its sensors and gentle air and demeanor.

There will also be a discussion on the work JDA Labs has done in customer segmentation, to better understand and group customers with similar buying preferences. We’ll present our clustering methodology, visualization work and potential opportunities by bringing other sources of data, such as Pepper.

Check out the slides from the presentation on Tuesday, May 23 here.

Register for the next meetup on Tuesday, July 11 here.

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  1. Gabrielle Gauthier Melancon

    Such a great initiative – we have the right office for it! I can’t wait for the second meetup!


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