JDA Innovation Forum: The Consumer-Connected World’s Impact On All Supply Chain Stakeholders

If you are reading this blog, you have probably heard about the connected consumer, but what you may not know is that this generation is not only more sophisticated in the ways it shops, but its impact transcends the retail industry and is fundamentally changing supply chain practices for suppliers and trading partners in other industries including manufacturing, transportation and distribution.

Connected consumers embrace social media, they are actively building and refining their personal networks, they are early adopters of emerging technologies, and they have the ability to access the information they need to make a buying decision in mere seconds, via more devices than ever before.In fact, in an omni-channel world, many consumers are simultaneously using more than one device at a time.

The changing landscape has prompted retailers to reexamine all facets of their business.However, modern retailing is as much about change management as it is about product, multi-store formats and true multi-channel delivery, all of which affect the full spectrum supply chain and all of its participants. The greatest challenge is that the pace of change – driven by modern consumers – presents a complexity that not only affects retailers, but also suppliers and every key partner involved along the way. To overcome this challenge, supply chain partners must collaborate to achieve visibility, synchronization and seamless execution in order to deliver what consumers want at a time, place and a price that suits them. In essence, today’s connected consumer demands a connected supply chain.

Supply chain has never been one-dimensional; the era of the connected consumer is an opportunity for us to show how versatile our industry really is and its potential to deeply impact our society, economy and culture.

On Tuesday, Nov. 13, 2012, JDA customers, executives, product experts and specialty partners will gather for the JDA Innovation Forum in Chicago, IL. The event will be a full day of innovative sessions, designed to inspire fresh ideas about the realities and opportunities in the new age of consumerism and the impact to your supply chain. Register here to join us!

Be sure to follow @JDASoftware and tune into the #JDAInnovationDay hashtag on Twitter for conversations around this event!

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