JDA and Google Cloud Platform Embrace Out-of-the-Box Thinking

John Sarvari, Group Vice President of Technology at JDA Software, posted a guest blog on the Google Cloud Platform blog.  An excerpt from the full blog is shown below.

At JDA, we provide thousands of businesses the technology and consulting services they need to manage their supply chains, and in turn lower costs while increasing revenue. Rich information is at the heart of our solutions and services — using proven techniques, we reap actionable insights from data to help our customers improve their operations. With the proliferation and variety of data available today, there is an opportunity to provide even greater insights into the needs of the consumer. The Google Cloud Platform allows us to operate at incredible levels of scale necessary to meet our customers’ needs.

As a dynamic company, we’re always looking for new ways to address our customers’ needs and provide them with improved services. Google Cloud Platform has features that enable JDA to completely rethink the business processes we support. In fact, last year we introduced JDA Labs, a 50-person team dedicated to driving innovation around data science, user experience and product innovation. This team generates forward-thinking ideas, and our output shows the impact – in the past nine months, we’ve doubled the total number of patent applications we have submitted.

As a Google Cloud Platform customer, we benefit from a powerful and reliable backend system that lets us focus on bringing innovations to market and helping our more than 4,000 customers make more data-driven decisions…

Interested?  Read the remainder of John’s blog on the Google Cloud Platform blog.

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