Introducing CatMan 2.0!

Category Management 1.0 is a 20-year-old process developed to treat each category of products as its own business unit.  It is a widely adopted industry business standard for fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies and retailers that continues to evolve and change.

However, the customer has changed.  It is about need state…NOW!  Digital engagement, online buying, dynamic changes to stores, localization, and the increasing need for large amounts of consumer and market data to support the new need state.  Sounds like a need to change, doesn’t it?

Introducing CatMan 2.0

CatMan 2.0 is category management for the 21st century. It represents the modification of the category management discipline to address some of the paradigm shifts occurring in the industry today, including:

  • a more diverse shopper case
  • new retail formats (supercenters, dollar stores)
  • data sources (social media, big data)
  • analytical tools
  • success models (case studies, best practices)

Essentially, CatMan 2.0  is a refresh of the current 1.0 model.  JDA, working with and in support of the Category Management Association (CMA), is supporting the launch of CatMan 2.0.  This updated approach takes into account many of the demands on retailers and CPG organizations focusing on the new boss – today’s “Always on Consumer.”  Laurie Brewer, solution and category management advisor and I, along with other CatMan experts at JDA, provided industry thought leadership and supported the CMA teams by writing specific sections for CatMan 2.0 that included insight into supply chain, shelf management and assortment strategies. We leveraged not only our JDA solution experience and extended network, but global industry standards and our 40+ years of collective experience to create and support the updates in our assigned work streams.

In conjunction with many industry experts, and the CMA, we are excited about the next generation direction for category management.  On July 20th in Chicago, come hear from JDA, key speakers who were part of the CatMan 2.0 team, and the CMA on this new and exciting advancement in the industry at the CatMan 2.0 Delivery Tour. This event will be held at DePaul University, giving attendees an in-depth look at CatMan 2.0, including first-hand viewpoints from a few of the team members involved in its development, as well as a special featured panel presentation featuring Market Track, McKee Foods, Walgreens and Interactive Edge and Decision Insights.

Register and look for more from JDA on category management enhancements, best practices and more in coming months. You can also check out my recent JDA TV segment from JDA FOCUS 2016, on tackling localization at the shelf.

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