In Case of a Supply Chain Emergency: How Prepared are You to Respond?

Fire, fire! These two simple words will have you looking for an exit – fast – as the local fire department is notified and an emergency response crew is dispatched. But what if in the rush to respond quickly to the fire, the driver of the fire engine leaves rapidly – and forgets the firefighters? Or what if the right information isn’t communicated to the firefighters, and they arrive quickly, but are armed only with water hoses to battle a chemical fire? No doubt, the results would be disastrous.

A rapid response isn’t always an effective one. What good is being notified of a problem, if you aren’t given information on how to solve for it? Or what if you could proactively address a problem before it has a negative impact? Since most fires are unplanned, it’s unlikely that our firefighters will receive advance notice, much less arrive before a fire breaks out. However, that’s no longer the case with challenges in your supply chain. Advancements in supply chain technology now make it possible for planners and executives to adopt a proactive approach.

Being aware of a disruption or problem in your supply chain is essential, and there are many tools and capabilities that can give you this level of visibility. Supply chain control towers in particular can provide supply chain planners and executives with that overarching visibility into product location, movement and interruptions, from which companies can derive significant insights. The most effective control towers can predict a problem and provide the solution to that problem before there is material impact to the business.

Companies need to be able to engage in real-time scenario planning across their shared teams in order to plan risk-aware strategies, optimize business performance and respond to disruptive events with unparalleled speed and intelligence. Leveraging a guidebook of prescriptive resolution options, based on detailed cost/benefit analyses, teams can now support this type of incremental demand-supply planning and make intelligent, profitable decisions – fast.

As well-informed and always-on consumers continue to disrupt the market, it’s essential to have an effective manufacturing plan in place. And this is now possible, thanks to advances in machine intelligence and rapid in-memory technology. With the latest capabilities in JDA Manufacturing Planning, planners can now engage in real-time collaboration, leveraging predictive and prescriptive analytics, to increase planning agility that supports more effective and profitable decision making. Delivered in a single, integrated interface, this tight connection between planning and execution can further drive latency out of your supply chain.

To learn more about how JDA is powering the always-on supply chain, read today’s announcement about the latest JDA Manufacturing Planning release.

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