Go Local: Onboarding Planogram Automation Quickly and Effectively

Retailers and suppliers share a mandate from their respective stakeholders – grow the business. But creating organic growth in grocery and consumer goods is increasingly challenging:

  • First, competition is tough, and it’s becoming more difficult to differentiate stores and brands to consumers
  • Second, customers are increasingly demanding and elusive as their shopping expectations and options continue to rise

One of the key Category Management strategies that retailers and suppliers are pursuing is localization. Companies experience sales momentum and higher customer satisfaction when they cater a selling environment to the needs and wants of local consumers.

Retailers and suppliers are well aware of the sales growth they can experience by catering their space plans to local consumers. They’re also aware that localization can require a staggering increase in the quantity of planograms required. But rarely does a company have the resources to scale their planogram volume by 40 or 50 times.

The solution is automation. Retailers and suppliers have a lot of rich data, including consumer insights, forecasts, and deep product information. Industry leaders are using automation technology to create localized planograms that not only adhere to merchandising rules and space allocations, but leverage consumer and performance data to best meet the needs of local consumers while minimizing inventory.

Even better, retailers and suppliers don’t have to wait a year to bring this planogram generation capability into their business. While there are advantages to bringing planogram generation capabilities into an organization at an enterprise level, desktop or client editions enable companies and users to quickly get started with rules-based planogram generation.

Just announced, the new JDA Planogram Generator Client (myPG) delivers the power of automated space planning capabilities of JDA Planogram Generator Enterprise for the individual user. Similar to JDA Planogram Generator Enterprise, myPG automatically creates large numbers of optimized, store-specific planograms, taking into account user-defined merchandising instructions, fixtures, assortments and performance data. With myPG, high volumes of planograms can be quickly produced and distributed, freeing planners to focus on category analysis, studying market trends and other activities that have a strategic impact.

Learn more in our press release, or, better yet, watch a recording of our webinar, “More POGs (PDQ) with JDA’s my Planogram Generator.”

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  1. Karen Storey

    Good information when speaking to new and existing customers and JDA is finally trying to come up with better ideas to help the consumers with their existing applications – to make their investment go farther. Good article.

  2. Mayra Enriquez

    Great Article! I totally agree with K. Storey this is a great tool for our sales team! Educate our customers, specially our LATAM customers who might not be aware of the potential benefits of My PG!

  3. myPG sounds like a great tool. But what I am curious to know is whether the tool restricts to only grocery as mentioned in the first paragraph or it helps retailers with all kinds of goods.

    • Hi Shashi – Thanks for your comment. myPG is a great tool for retail verticals beyond grocery, including drug stores, mass merchandise, convenience stores, and hardlines. In many cases, myPG is ideal for specialty retail like hardlines as the volume of planograms required is significant, but not as large as grocery.

  4. Greate news for all the non database customers that have a need to create localized planograms.


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