Forbes Insights: Will Omni-Channel Ever Be Profitable?

In a recent global survey of retail and consumer goods CEOs conducted by PwC on behalf of JDA Software – The Omni-Channel Fulfillment Imperativeonly 16 percent of the 410 responding companies say they are fulfilling omni-channel demand profitably. Think about that – despite all of the effort and investment companies have made to create seamless omni-channel shopping experiences for their customers, only about one in six say they can do this profitably.

It begs the question: will omni-channel ever be profitable? If so, how will retailers achieve this? These will be some of the issues I will discuss with Bruce Rogers, Chief Insights Officer for Forbes Media, in our live webinar on May 14, 2015 at 2:00pm eastern time, USA. You can register here.

Companies Fulfilling Omni-Channel Demand Profitability, by country

omni-channel demand by countryEither despite or because of these dire profitability numbers, the surveyed CEOs have a heightened focus on omni-channel fulfillment. Seventy-one percent say it is a top or high priority. How serious CEOs are on this issue can also be deduced from the fact they plan to spend 29 percent of their 2015 capital budgets on this area.

For those CEOs who did not list omni-channel fulfillment as their top priority, 54 percent say that investing in digital ecommerce is their top priority. This reflects the natural progression on the omni-channel maturity curve most companies are making, which typically begins with developing front-end ecommerce capabilities and then progresses to addressing the back-end fulfillment needs as their business develops. Another 25 percent say their top priority is investing in new options for the in-store shopping experience, also an important aspect of omni-channel.

The CEO survey report is chocked full of insights on CEOs’ threats, challenges, investment priorities and improvement initiatives over the next 12 months and the next 3-5 years. Helping me highlight the findings and discuss their ramifications in the webinar will be Bruce Rogers, known to many for his column in Forbes profiling how thought leaders are changing the business landscape. He will bring his unique perspectives working with global thought leaders to interpret what the CEOs in our survey are doing to reshape their businesses in light of the sea-change of omni-channel retail.

The webinar will be an excellent opportunity for retail and consumer goods executives to benchmark their efforts and investments against what others in their industry and part of the world are doing to create competitive advantage by winning over the omni-channel shopper. You can register for the webinar here.

To read the full report, click here.

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