JDA’s Commitment to the Cloud Offers Customers Improved Flexibility

At JDA’s user conference last year CEO Hamish Brewer outlined a long-term transformational strategy that included an increasing number of JDA solutions moving to the cloud. While JDA will still offer on-premise solutions, everything we do as a company—how we develop, market, sell, deploy and support our products—will be focused on a cloud-based model. JDA’s…

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Real Results Magazine: Must-Have Tips to Boost Your Supply Chain

What’s on your summer reading list? If you’re like me, you’re reading a couple of good books, have several more on your “got to get to” list and a magazine or two with the corners folded down for when you have a little airplane time or for a quick read over lunch. Here’s hoping your list isn’t too long, as I’d like to recommend that you add the latest issue of JDA’s award-winning Real Results magazine.

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New Paradigm Shift for Suppliers and Retailers

To thrive, companies must have the ability to synchronize their demand and supply plans to that of their customers – especially now when critical-mass retailers have more influence than ever over manufacturing supply chain planning.

Supplier and retailer trading partners need to effectively collaborate at the shelf level to improve on on-self availability, remove unnecessary inventory across enterprises and set new strategies that leverage cost savings across the entire value chain.

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