The Integrated Workforce in the Warehouse

Work in the warehouse is changing rapidly. Fulfilling e-commerce demand direct to consumers, shipping smaller, more frequent orders to customers, and integrating robotics and advanced automation mean there is no more “business as usual.” Today, distribution managers don’t have time to create manual work schedules that are obsolete by the time they’re finished and result…

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Removing the “People Roadblock” to Digital Transformation

As the competition to satisfy customer demand for ever-faster deliveries has made supply chain automation a necessity, and as new technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and robotics have transformed supply chain best practices, data has become the new supply chain currency. So why haven’t more companies forged…

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Fab Brasca GVP JDA

Top Workforce Challenges Across Industries [Video]

Whether you are a retailer, manufacturer, distributor or third-party logistics provider, you are being challenged by workforce issues unique to today’s market. Intensifying user demand and e-commerce are blurring of the lines between industries. But there are bigger issues. Retailers must deal with mature workers who prefer predictable schedules and younger workers who value flexibility…

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Career Destiny

Today’s Wednesdays for Women blog is an insightful conversation with Katrin Starke, head of Business Development at ORSAY, which is an international clothing retailer based in Germany. Katrin recently joined us at JDA ICON 2019, our customer conference, and stood on main stage with Professor Dr. Michael Feindt, founder of Blue Yonder, to share results…

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Cómo los minoristas están utilizando AI para reducir sus desperdicios y aumentar sus ganancias [Video]

Si bien las tareas manuales continuarán impactando al comercio minorista en general, no pueden fortalecer el éxito de las tiendas por sí solos. Con la aparición de la inteligencia artificial (AI) y el aprendizaje automático (ML), las tiendas de abarrotes se benefician del impacto significativo de estas tecnologías. Los minoristas pueden entregar surtidos frescos y administrar la productividad por…

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Finding Balance

Nannette Dayton, senior director, global deal architecture at JDA, brings a wealth of knowledge to this week’s Wednesday’s for Women. An associate on her second stint with JDA, Nannette shares her affinity for working cross-functionally, her key to work-life balance and her personal definition of success.  With a great appreciation for her roots and mentors,…

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Challenging Your Comfort Zone

Jill Smith is a renewal partner and in her 20-year journey at JDA she shares how she’s kept her career fresh and gotten out of her comfort zone professionally and personally. As a self-professed introvert, she had to take a leap to do things that excited her like traveling internationally, coaching/leading kids and teaching fitness…

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4 Consumer Trends You Need to Know Now

Consumer trends come and go, yet the value of how they impact retail remains the same. JDA recently conducted a survey of more than 1,000 consumers to explore how some of retail’s latest trends are influencing consumers. The core findings of this survey revealed that: Sustainability is driving shopping patterns: Over half of those surveyed…

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