Blue Yonder and Microsoft Survey with JDA

Blue Yonder’s New Survey with Microsoft Reveals How AI and Automation Are Moving Retail

It’s no secret that the retail market is undergoing fundamental changes, right? Exactly, and as the rise of eCommerce changes how we shop, many retailers are struggling to keep up with new challenges. Buying behaviors are evolving faster than ever before with  consumers looking for flexibility in how they purchase and receive products. The retail…

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Motivation through Life Experience

Soujanya Damera has successfully navigated career and personal challenges to become a leader in JDA’s Center of Excellence in Hyderabad. A project director in the Product Management group, she talks about her path at JDA and how mentors and leaders she’s encountered in her journey have inspired her to lead a Women’s Interest Network chapter,…

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Digital In-Store Experience Making Retailers More Competitive

The new in-store experience has arrived, and yes, it’s digital.

Retail is never going to be the same. Evolving consumer expectations, a fast-moving marketplace and new technologies are bringing a new in-store customer experience. Ready for a look at the future? It’s completely unrecognizable and undeniably digital. Even while more shopping centers are closing, signs of the future physical store experience are quickly coming into…

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Tres tendencias que impulsan la demanda de abarrotes – que los minoristas deben de comprender

Los actuales minoristas de abarrotes están operando en un entorno de ventas increíblemente rápido y de alta presión. Con competencia en aumento, consumidores que cambian sus hábitos de compra y se vuelven más exigentes y nuevos canales de venta ganando terreno, los gerentes de las tiendas necesitan desarrollar estrategias de cadena de suministro más ágiles.…

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Perseverance With a Pinch of Grit

Kranthi Remala is a senior software engineer at JDA in Hyderabad. During her decade-long stint at JDA she’s learned from mentors, colleagues and family lessons that motivate and inspire her to reach higher and achieve more. She’s a believer in always learning, never giving up, and that trust above all, is what makes a great…

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Retailers can learn important lessons from Sears

How Sears Changed America and 3 Things Retailers Must Learn from the News Last Week

Since Sears filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy last week, the internet is exploding with dozens of posts about how the retailer has changed America, the way we live and how we shop. Among them, tweets from Louis Hyman, an associate professor of history at Cornell University, shared how Sears fueled the American dream, empowering more…

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How retailers can waste less product

Intelligent Pricing Could Help to Eliminate Waste from Luxury Brands

The recent news that luxury brands have destroyed millions of pounds worth of unsold merchandise, to avoid their products falling into the wrong hands and being sold on the “grey market” at knockdown prices, illustrates the challenges that these brands face in matching pricing and customer demand. With Richemont, owner of Cartier and Mont Blanc,…

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UK Grocery Industry, Retail and Replenisment

The Case of the Missing Aubergine

Earlier this summer, an aubergine shortage at a supermarket in Cheltenham, UK, captured the imagination of the Twittersphere after a ‘devastated’ local resident expressed his dismay at being greeted with an empty bay when he went to find the vegetable. A flurry of memes and tweets mourning the loss of Cheltenham’s aubergines ensued, calling for…

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