Jeff Stabell

3 Technology Trends That Will Improve Your Supply Chain Performance [Video]

In today’s competitive markets, it takes more than the ability to quickly respond to urgent supply chain disruptions after they start. Instead, your supply chain must predict disruptions and proactively resolve them before they negatively impact your business.  In this video, JDA’s Jeff Stabell, senior product marketing director, explains how three important technology trends, including…

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Cuatro razones por las que la sustentabilidad es el enfoque principal para los minoristas de productos frescos

A medida que la sustentabilidad se vuelve más importante para muchos clientes, los minoristas de abarrotes se enfrentan al reto de mantenerse al día con las demandas de los consumidores. En el siguiente video, Fab Brasca, GVP Solutions Strategy de JDA, explica cómo se puede entender mejor el comportamiento del comprador a través del aprendizaje automático…

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4 Reasons Sustainability is a Major Focus for Fresh Retailers [Video]

As sustainability becomes increasingly important to many consumers, grocery retailers are challenged with how to keep up with these modern customer demands. In the video blog below, Fab Brasca, JDA’s GVP Solutions Strategy, explains how buyer behavior can be better supported through machine learning and artificial intelligence in direct response to sustainability. From reducing carbon…

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JoAnn Martin talks about industry changes in Retail and Store Operations

Watch this Video on What’s Really Disrupting Retail

What’s putting Retail’s move to emerging technologies in motion and shaking up store operations? In this video blog, JoAnn Martin, JDA’s senior strategy leader for Retail breaks it all down for us. She shares the three main forces that are driving the industry forward faster than ever and what changing customer behaviors mean for retailers,…

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Blue Yonder and Microsoft Survey with JDA

Nueva encuesta de Blue Yonder y Microsoft revela cómo la inteligencia artificial y la automatización están moviendo a los minoristas

No es ningún secreto que el mercado minorista esté experimentando cambios fundamentales y que, conforme el auge del comercio electrónico vaya cambiando la manera como compramos, muchos minoristas deberán esforzarse para mantenerse al día con estos nuevos retos. Los comportamientos de compra están evolucionando más rápido que nunca debido a que los clientes están buscando…

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Tariffs Impacting the Supply Chain

Tariffs and 5 Areas Retailers Need to Focus on Now

For decades, from hardware to electronics, textiles, food, household goods, and general merchandise; retailers have been offering lower prices on goods sourced overseas.  Though there has been some change in recent years, most imported goods to the United States originate in China.  China’s cost base, infrastructure and manufacturing expertise provides a wealth of opportunities to…

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