Digital Disruption Meets Montreal Street Art at JDA Labs

As you may know, Street Art and murals are an important part of Montreal’s culture. For over 20 years, festivals have been held to celebrate this art form, and its popularity is still noticeable. This form of artwork is displayed on the city’s surrounding buildings and streets, and you can experience it while walking down the streets of Montreal. JDA Labs is located in Le Plateau Mont-Royal, one of Montreal’s street art epicenters.

This is what led JDA’s CMO, Kevin Iaquinto, to initiate the mural project for the JDA Labs office in Montreal. The goal of the mural was to help tell the story of digital disruption in the market today and to inspire the creative and innovative spirit of JDA Labs’ associates to develop the next generation of solutions to harness this disruption. As Montreal is known globally for its environmental murals, it was a natural decision to use the medium to represent Montreal’s unique essence and creativity. Kevin wanted visitors to the Labs to inquire about the artwork, be inspired, and help understand the story of what JDA is trying to do with the Labs moving forward.


The project team moved forward with the group En Masse, a Montreal based, multi-artist collaborative drawing project that creates large-scale, highly spontaneous drawings in black and white.

To witness the evolution of their creation every day was thrilling. We saw it grow and take shape before our eyes. In the span of one week, En Masse delivered what they promised, a creative piece on Digital Disruption.


About JDA Labs

Ever wonder what the supply chain of the future will look like? What technology advancements will reshape the way we do business? We do, every day.

Looking toward the future is the job of JDA Labs, a global research and development team headquartered in Montreal, Canada. Every day, the creative thought leaders at JDA Labs are focused on delivering game-changing new products, winning patents and developing revolutionary best practices that will shape the future supply chain — and deliver incredible results for our customers. Learn more about JDA Labs here.

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