Delivering on Customer Promises – A Perspective on the New JDA Brand with JDA CMO Kevin Iaquinto

On October 28, 2014 JDA Software announced a new brand identity with a new brand logo and tagline – Plan to Deliver™. In conjunction with the launch, Supply Chain Nation asked JDA CMO, Kevin Iaquinto, for his insights on the new identity and what it means for JDA’s customers and the larger market.

SCN:      The first thing our readers will likely want to know is why change a well-known and established brand like JDA?

Iaquinto:  Well, like many companies, we are constantly evaluating and improving how we articulate the unique value we provide our customers.  An incredible amount of change has happened at JDA over the past few years as a result of our product innovations and acquisitions that people often don’t hear about. While customers may know that we acquired i2 and merged with RedPrairie in recent years, giving us the industry’s broadest portfolio of end-to-end supply chain management solutions, many don’t know that this has created a company with over 4,800 associates with over 10,000 collective years of experience in retail and supply chain. Or that JDA has been filing an average of one patent per month for the past 36 months and now has over 400 patents granted or pending. Or that JDA now has thousands of customers around the globe who depend on JDA solutions to run their businesses efficiently and profitably, many leveraging JDA’s Cloud Services.  Or that our solutions span retail, WMS/distribution and supply chain planning and execution.   I could go on with many amazing facts, but I think you get the point—JDA is a very different company than we were just three years ago and we needed an identity that better positioned JDA and spoke to who we are now and what we now offer our customers and the broader marketplace.

SCN:      What is the essence of the new JDA Brand identity?

Iaquinto:  I think the essence of our brand is embodied in our new mission/tagline—Plan to Deliver™. First of all, it reflects how our game-changing portfolio of end-to-end solutions helps our retail, manufacturing and distributer customers to deliver more to their customers. This all helps make the world a better place and run more efficiently and effectively. For example, did you realize:

  • > 60% of the hand soap worldwide is delivered using JDA solutions
  • > 50% of all bottled water in the U.S. is delivered using JDA
  • > 70% of all prescription drugs worldwide are delivered using JDA
  • And 1 out of every 3 passenger cars were planned using JDA?

Secondly, Plan to Deliver™ signifies the scope of the solutions that JDA provides our customers, everything from planning to delivery/execution solutions. We help our customers to better plan their businesses and optimize their operations all the way down to executing the final delivery to their customers. Our end-to-end portfolio comprises a breadth and depth of functionality not found anywhere else in the industry.

Thirdly, our new tagline embodies our commitment to our customers that JDA will always deliver on our promise of superior software, services and deployment options. We will help each and every customer game plan to better engage their customers in the omni-channel marketplace, drive costs out of their operations and deliver the highest possible levels of service.

SCN:      What does the new JDA brand identity mean for customers and the larger market?

Iaquinto:  In addition to our renewed commitment to deliver on our brand promise that I just discussed, I think our new logo and visual identity represent a fresh, modern, approachable JDA, with a laser-focus on ensuring customer success throughout the organization, and an accelerating pace of innovation to create the next generation of retail and supply chain technology and services for our customers.

The new corporate identity also includes the new infusion of talent into JDA, from our new CEO, Bal Dial, and a number of new executives, to the influx of retail and supply chain experts up and down our product and service organizations. JDA has more talent and experience than anyone else in the industry which translates into superior solutions and services we deliver to our customers.

Planning to deliver is all about our maniacal focus (and some would say obsession) on customer success that we are cascading throughout the organization. We have reorganized the company with the specific purpose of better serving our customers’ needs, whether that is developing agile and innovative technology, the industry’s first and only end-to-end cloud deployed Planning to Delivery solutions, expert consulting, or customer- driven support and services.

Finally, the new identity embodies our commitment to innovating. We know that in this increasingly volatile, rapidly changing world, our customers cannot successfully compete going forward unless we deliver innovative new products and services on a rapid-fire basis. To that end we have established an Innovation Lab to imagine, create and test with our customers the exciting new technologies and processes that will transform our customers’ business practices and solutions in the near future. In addition to our unprecedented number of patents, JDA has delivered recent product innovations such as our:

  • Role-based mobile applications that redefine the user experience
  • Retail and manufacturing planning suites that deliver on the promise of accurate and agile forecasting and planning from the shelf back to manufacturing
  • Intelligent fulfillment solutions incorporating integrated demand planning, replenishment and execution
  • Category management systems that finally deliver the true collaboration capabilities the market has been clamoring for, but never achieved until now
  • A store operations suite that empowers managers and associates to deliver game-changing customer experiences—profitably.

I could go on and on, but I’ll stop here because we would rather have our customers learn firsthand by talking with our sales and services teams or learning more on

SCN:      Thank you, Kevin. It certainly is an exciting time to be part of the JDA family of customers, partners and associates.

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