An AWESOME Conversation

JDA was the proud host partner of the AWESOME Symposium, May 9-12 in Orlando. As part of the opening session, we shared a recorded conversation between Nancy Nix, Executive Director Emeritus of AWESOME and JDA CEO Girish Rishi, whose schedule prevented him from being there in person. During their conversation they discussed the importance of…

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Lifelong Learning Through Books

Graduation season is upon us and hundreds of graduates will be leaving high school and college to start a new journey – most either furthering their education or starting their career. We know it can be tough to find the right gift for a new graduate, but since continuous learning is a component of JDA’s…

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Ability to Adapt

Sharon McGowan has an amazing ability to adapt to any situation. That skill, along with her perseverance and work ethic, have helped her navigate through the ups and downs of her career and personal life. Throughout her journey she’s applied the lessons learned to improve her skills and approach, advancing into the role of EMEA…

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Growing Women in Supply Chain Leadership

This week, Wednesdays for Women features a Q&A with Heather Sheehan, Executive Director of AWESOME (which stands for achieving women’s excellence in supply chain operations, management and education). Heather’s career spans more than 30 years in the manufacturing and transportation industries, with leadership positions in procurement, logistics and marketing at Danaher, Honeywell, Union Pacific Corporation…

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Organized for Success

Nicole Phillips is a natural-born organizer and planner. Those skills have served her well, as a successful Solution Executive at JDA, wife and mother of two. They have also helped her chart her course and focus on the things that have led to personal and professional growth. Her career story is one of discovery and…

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A Crystal Ball Moment

If you are based in one of the JDA India offices in Bangalore or Hyderabad, or happened to be there over the week of March 23rd, you would have experienced what was clearly an innovation wave spreading across the company. “Crystal Ball” was a JDA event across the company’s two India-based Centers of Excellence, established…

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Balancing Work and Family

I am older than my father.  That fact follows me around a lot.  It stays with me.  My dad died young. Too young. It happened during our family vacation many years ago, but still feels pretty recent sometimes.  That event shaped who I am today.   Knowing that even though we might feel invincible, we are…

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The Diversity & Inclusion Awakening at dunnhumby

Editor’s note: On occasion, Wednesdays for Women will share perspectives and best practices from customers, partners and other thought leaders with a goal of promoting greater awareness and information sharing to continue advancing women in technology and supply chain careers. Today’s perspective comes from Vicky Whitney, senior communications executive at JDA partner dunnhumby. Joining dunnhumby…

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Striking a Balance

Today’s Wednesdays for Women blog is an insightful conversation with Kirsten Piacentini, Vice President of Inventory Management at L.L.Bean; who just so happens to be one of JDA’s transformative customers in retail! Kirsten grew up outside of Chicago and has lived in the Portland, Maine area for the last 24 years. She shares her journey…

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