Digital In-Store Experience Making Retailers More Competitive

The new in-store experience has arrived, and yes, it’s digital.

Retail is never going to be the same. Evolving consumer expectations, a fast-moving marketplace and new technologies are bringing a new in-store customer experience. Ready for a look at the future? It’s completely unrecognizable and undeniably digital. Even while more shopping centers are closing, signs of the future physical store experience are quickly coming into…

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Retailers can learn important lessons from Sears

How Sears Changed America and 3 Things Retailers Must Learn from the News Last Week

Since Sears filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy last week, the internet is exploding with dozens of posts about how the retailer has changed America, the way we live and how we shop. Among them, tweets from Louis Hyman, an associate professor of history at Cornell University, shared how Sears fueled the American dream, empowering more…

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Shaping Retail’s Future: Learning and Insights from NRF 2018

Some of the best moments from this year’s NRF Expo highlighted the opportunities retailers have to grow and reinvent the industry in 2018. At Retail’s Big Show, attendees learned from engaging speakers, experienced new innovations in retailing and left with insights that’ll help their brands refocus on customer needs, building experiences that will build business…

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Inside the Voice of the Store Manager Survey Results: Successful Retailers Find Ways to Fulfill Customer Expectations

It’s no secret that today’s consumer is in the driver’s seat and has high expectations from retailers. The second annual JDA Voice of the Store Manager Survey revealed that instead of shutting doors, successful retailers are evolving the store into a place to solve customer problems, relying on the speed and convenience of in-store fulfillment…

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The Big Miss: The Critical Success Element Most Retailers and Industry Analysts Are Overlooking When Talking about Surviving and Thriving in the Age of Retail Disruption

The term Retail Apocalypse has become so popular that it now has its own Wikipedia page. News websites such as The Atlantic, Retail Dive and Business Insider are sharing statistics and analysis around the demise of brick-and-mortar retail, along with analysis of what the future might hold. Conversely, Lori Mitchell-Keller from SAP and Greg Zakowicz…

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Enterprise-Level Workforce Scheduling and Labor Management Optimization in the Customer-Connected Era

Today’s staff scheduling and dynamic multi-function planning, coupled with task productivity, are important in today’s retail store and within the warehouse environment. Task dispatch, priority, and integration within the day and across the week are crucial to matching customer needs and demands in addition to customer traffic patterns across retail/warehouse.  Integrated Labor Management and Workforce…

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How Omni-Channel Impacts Labor Management: Insights from Ian Hobkirk

Fulfilling omni-channel orders puts more complex demands on labor in stores and DCs than past operations. As part of our Expert Insights series, Supply Chain Nation asked Ian Hobkirk, Managing Director, Commonwealth Supply Chain Advisors, for his thoughts on what the impact is on labor management. SCN: Why has omni-channel caused a sea-change for retail…

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