What’s Trending at NRF 2018: Personalization, Digital Transformation and Increased Agility

NRF 2018 is revealing trends and insights that will shape retailers’ business decisions, and customer experiences, throughout the year ahead. Here are some of the topics being discussed among JDA customers, partners and analysts at this year’s conference. The Challenge of Digital Transformation Retailers are still working to define what digital transformation will mean for…

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The Changing Face of Black Friday: How 2017’s Biggest Shopping Weekend Points to Retail’s Future Evolution

Don’t be too quick to despair at headlines predicting Black Friday’s demise and proclaiming that the End Times for retail are at hand. Rumors of retail’s death have been greatly exaggerated. Industry analysts expect a Black Friday weekend that reflects consumers’ changing buying habits and the impacts of promotions and tactics that reflect those realities.…

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JDA and IVADO Partnership Officially Launches at Montreal Office

JDA Labs launched the official kick-off of Apogee, the data science research initiative in the areas of the logistics, supply chain and retail industries. The program, which is a joint initiative between JDA Labs and IVADO, will enable collaborative research between JDA Labs scientists and their academic counter-parts, and will involve six professors and ten…

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