Delivering a Consumer Centric Supply Chain for Grocers – Part 4 of 4

Operational Excellence Delivers Profit Optimization In the first three blogs of this series, The Changing Face in Grocery (part 1) and The Digitalization of Grocery (part 2) and The Grocery Supply Chain of the Future (part 3), we have gone into substantial detail to describe shifting consumer behaviors – more shopping excursions for fewer meals,…

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Next Generation Integration Strategies and the End of EAI/ETL Templates

The software and integration community is rapidly making a significant shift in integration and process intelligence within the enterprise architecture framework. Traditionally, the logic of integration and requirements such as security checks, routing, business flow, validation and transformation have existed within the integration transport layer itself.  This concept introduced the challenge of extremely monolithic integration…

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The Innovative Solution Strategy to a True Real-Time, Predictive Digital Supply Chain

In parts 1 and 2 of this blog series, you learned about the role collaborative partnerships play in supply chain planning and execution with real-time visibility and predictive analytics and the benefits of the JDA and TransVoyant partnership. The last part of this blog series will discuss how JDA is delivering an innovative solution strategy…

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