Building Better Relationships with Consumers during ‘Moments of Influence’

For centuries, retailers endeavored to excel during the “moment of truth” – that moment in time when shoppers made the ultimate purchase decision in the store.  Retailers who consistently exceeded customer expectations at that single moment in time were typically more successful than those who struggled to master the moment.  The last decade, however, as shopping journeys include more channels, more devices, and more touch points, has seen a dramatic shift, from a single moment of truth to several “Moments of Influence.” 

Those Moments of Influence include the moments of discovery, exploration, comparison, socialization, selection, and post-sale communication.  The path to purchase suddenly seems much more daunting than it has for most of retail’s long history, and retailers must adapt to succeed.

During the 2013 National Retail Federation (NRF) Convention & EXPO, I sat down with Alicia Fiorletta of Retail Touchpoints to discuss these Moments of Influence, and how the merger of RedPrairie and JDA can have an impact on retail’s ability to excel at every step along today’s winding path to purchase.  Watch the video below and let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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