5 Reasons to Synchronize Your WMS and TMS

Leveraging the capabilities from your Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Transportation Management System (TMS), while synchronizing pre-built adaptable workflows can help reduce costs, improve throughput and enhance the customer experience. Customers see many benefits beyond delivery of the inherent best-of-breed (BoB) optimization, which include enhanced labor planning and utilization, improved cycle time and throughput, enhanced…

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Taking calculated risks

SriLaxmi Kotwal has found success at home. She was born, raised, studied and has worked her entire career in the Indian city of Hyderabad. As a Senior Director in JDA’s Product Development organization, she leads the development team for JDA Retail.me, one of the company’s strategic SaaS products. With a strong academic background and incredible…

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Should Every Retailer Try To Be a Disruptor?

RSR has just published an analysis of retail disruptors in partnership with JDA Software, looking at what disruptors do differently, and what they do similarly to other retailers. We’ve already addressed some myths about disruptors. But as every retailer struggles with taking on or adapting to disruption, let’s take a look at whether being a disruptor…

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An AWESOME Experience

Nancie Torrence is JDA’s Group Vice President for Aerospace and Defense and leads the company’s Women’s Interest Network, a group focused on mentoring, sponsoring and developing women at all levels to realize their full career potential at JDA.  In this week’s Wednesdays for Women blog, she shares her experiences from attending three annual Symposiums presented…

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How Blockchain Technology Can Make the Supply Chain More Efficient, Transparent and Secure

Blockchain technology is causing a big disruption for logistics companies and has the potential to make the supply chain more efficient, transparent and secure. But what exactly is blockchain and how will it impact the supply chain? Recently, U.S. blockchain company Skuchain partnered with NTT Data to build a blockchain platform for supply chain and…

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